Manufacturing Capabilities

Board Specialties
Materials: FR4, FR408, Getek, 4000-13 (and equivalents) Arlon, Isola IS410, Polyimide, Rogers, and many more…
Thickness: .0025” to .250”
Surface Finishes: Hard Gold, Soft Bondable Gold, Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, ENTEK, Immersion Silver (Imm Ag)
Other: Controlled Impedance, Buried/Blind Vias, Controlled Depth Drilling, Controlled Depth Milling, Sequential Lamination, Oversized
Panels up to 24x30

Data Requirements
Data Format:
Gerber RS 274X ODB++, HPGL & DXF, inches or millimeters
Print format: HPGL, PDF, DWG, DXF, or Gerber as above
Mode of Transfer: Email or FTP

Standard thickness tolerance:
Fabrication tolerance: .xx ± .010”, .xxx ± .005”
Plated hole tolerance: > .012 hole ± .003” < .012 hole ± .003/- hole size
Non plated hole tolerance: ± .003”
Controlled Impedance: ±10%. ± 5% available

Minimum drill size:
Largest drilled hole size: .257”
Standard Aspect Ratio: 10:1, max 30:1
Smallest Pad Size: .012” (BGA)
Calipers, Mircrometers, Pin Gauges

Outer layer starting copper weight:
Ό oz.-3 oz.
Additive copper: .001”-.0015”
Plated copper in holes: .001”-.0015”
HASL: .0003”- .0008”
Standard Connector Tabs:
150΅ “Ni 30΅” Au
Standard Gold Body: 150΅ “Ni, 30΅” Au
Standard ENIG: 150΅ “Ni, 3-8΅” Au

Inner Layers
Edge relief:
.010” from edge
Copper weight: 1/4 oz. -3 oz.
Minimum trace/space: .003”/ .003”
Plated hole plane clearance: .025” over finished hole size, .020” over drilled hole size
Thermals: .010” over finished hole size
Min Inner Layer Drill Trace: .005”

Outer Layer Image
Minimum trace/space:
.003” / .003”
Minimum annular ring: .0035”
per side over finished hole

Soldermask and Legend
Mask Type:
Mask colors: Green, Blue, Red, Clear, Black
Clearances: .002” per side
Minimum web: .003”
Legend Colors: White, Yellow, Black,
Minimum Line: .006”

1 VALOR Genesis CAM Workstation, 4 Barco UCAM Workstations, 1 Infinite Graphics CAM Workstation, 1 Barco UTEST Fixture Genius
Test Fixture System, 1 Everett Charles Merlin Advanced Test Fixture Engineering System, 3 Microcraft TPG Test Point Generation Workstations, California Software Systems NC Programming System, Bacon Software JobTrac Enterprise Management System, Polar Impedance Calculation Workstation, Engineering Solutions Impedance Calculation Workstation, Windows 2000 Network, T1 Internet Access

OEM 6 Opening Hot Oil Vacuum, Press-Separate Hot/Cold with Semiautomatic Load/Unload, Multiline Acculine Core Punch, Multiline Muli-layer Tooling System, Mitoyo Deep Throat Micrometer, Various Press Plates

Drilling/ Routing
Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray, Registration System, 6 California Software Systems NC Workstation Nodes, 1 Excellon System 2000 Air Bearing Drill CNC-7, 2 Excellon Mark VI Air Bearing Drills CNC-6, 1 Excellon Mark V Drill CNC-6, 1 Excellon EX-200 Driller/ Router CNC-6
1 PDA 2 Head Router, Barnaby Stackmaster Pinner, Radoll Bevelmaster Beveler, Wysong 42” Shear, Various mechanical bevelers, slotter, etc.

Photo Plotting/Artwork Preparation
Barco Silverwriter fully automatic laser photoplotter 16000 DPI, Barco/Gerber Crescent 40 laser photoplotter with autoload 8000 DPI
Glunz & Jenson Multiline Pro Automatic Film Processor, NuArc ultraplus Platemaker, Quantum 24D Diazo Developer

JD Picard Inner Layer Punch, Spartanics Automatic Film Punch, 2 OTS Technology, Inc., Dryfilm Laminators, Perkin-Elmer 5kw Exposure Unit
2 Perkin-Elmer 8kw Exposure Unit, Chemcut Model 547 Dryfilm Developer, Chemcut Model 547 LPI Developer, Morton Feed and Bleed Controller, Alpen Technologies Feed and, Bleed Controller, Various Air Cleaners

Wet Process
Chemcut 107 Deburr Machine, Permaganate Desmear Line, Semi-Automated Electroless, Copper Line, 3 500g Acid-Copper Plating Tanks, 1 500g Tin Plating Tank, Chemcut 547XL Etch and Strip Line, Alpen Technologies Feed and Bleed Stripper Controller, Phibro-Tech automated Etch Controller, Surface Technologies Dryfilm Separator, Avalon Technologies A2000, Hot Air Leveler, Chemcut 547 Dryer, Technic E94 Deep Body Gold Plating Line, Duraposit Semi Automatic ENIG Line, Various Scrubbers and Dryers, Pin Gauges and Various, Inspection Equipment

Soldermask / Legend
Circuit automation DP-10 Automatic LPI Coater, Manual Screening Tables, Digitally Controlled Quincy Oven, Digitally Controlled Grieve Oven, NuArc Platemaker FT40V3, Various Screening Supplies and Silkscreen Chases

Electrical Test
Everett Charles 9090SP Dual Access, ECT Repairnet Test Verification, MicroCraft ELX6146 Flying Probe, MicroCraft ELH6146 Flying Probe, MicroCraft EVS Test Verification, ECT Valugrid Test Fixture Assembly System, Various fixture build equipment

Quality Control
Barco Argos 850AOI, Oxford/CMI X-Ray Flourescence, Thickness Measurement System, Tektronics 1502C TDR Impedance Tester, Vision Engineering Dynascope, Buehler Unimet Cross-Section, Microscope and Camera, Pin Gauges, Micrometers, Granite Surface Flatness Tester, Various power Scopes

Waste Treatment
WTS 20 GPM Flow-thru Treatment, WTS Batch Precipitation Treatment, 2 JWI Filter Presses

Plant Support
2 Joy Twistair Rotary Compressors, Quincy 65HP Screw Compressor, Sullair 40HP Compressor, 2 Spencer 7HP Vacuum, 30HP Misting Fume Scrubber, Various Machine Tools and other Maintenance Equipment

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